Sia’s Trinkets was organically created by Anishi when she started designing simple pieces for her daughters Viva and Sia while they grew up. Although the family company was already in the diamond and jewelry industry, Anishi noticed the gap in today’s jewelry market for high quality, minimalistic jewelry for today’s generation.

Viva and Sia come from a family which has been in the jewelry industry for generations and have spent most of their childhood seeing their parents design pieces for customers (and special pieces just for them!) which gave then the basic knowledge, resources and eye to create jewelry they and girls their ages would like.

Having worked with her husband in the jewelry industry under the family company, Anishi has the experience, knowledge and resources to help set up the manufacturing and quality control. Raising her daughters, she brought her expertise to the table to create jewelry for the younger generation of jewelry buyers. 

We have created pieces that can go from the breakfast table to the dance floor, from your office wardrobe to your ethnic wear, from a simple look to a bolder look!

The versatility of our pieces is what sets it apart - we are here to complement your style, not define it!