Grounded in detail, womanhood, and storytelling. Sia’s Trinket’s is a modern, minimal, fine jewelry brand made by women for women.

Sia’s Trinkets is a Hong Kong based, female founded, and women led jewelry brand started by two sisters, Viva and Sia, and their mum Anishi. We design high-quality, delicate, trendy yet classic jewelry, found on the belief that every woman should feel pretty on a day-to-day basis without having to pick between quality or price. We strive to bridge the gap between the two and create affordable, high quality pieces which can be worn by the young woman daily.

Our jewelry is designed to be classic, simple, meaningful, and able to be worn every day. Like a brush of mascara or a spritz of perfume, we hope to integrate our timeless pieces into your morning routine. Each piece is crafted to stand out while still being an extension of your person, rather than simply sitting on top of you – jewelry that you cherish, but is so much a part of you that you sometimes forget you have it on.